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Friday, May 4, 2012

Tampa RNC- Florida at its Best

As August's come and go in the Bay area most of us are either A-on Vacation B-about to go on Vacation or C-Working when we should be on Vacation.   Not this year!  Hell no.  This year its all about the show and what a show it will be.  Gays, Guns, Crazy folks and worst yet...Republicans!  Break out the Natty Light and wash the truck the circus is in town.

The Good Doctor Thompson would have a field day with this event, more fun with the plans and talk leading up to this god awful showing of American power.  Heck, No string, No Water Guns, Not Bottles but Guns are OK?? 300,000 to 500,000 people jammed into a 2 mile square fun is gonna be held.  Booze and hookers on Dale Mabry, Tan hotties on St. Pete Beach being googled by White Men in suits.  That is Florida that we all love.  Can you see it now, a Right Wing Church going man after a long drive from Palm Harbor makes a quick stop at 2001to recharge his loins, next thing you know he's at Gandy Beach at Mid-Night with a Tranny...with a Confederate Flag standing a few feet away.  Can't wait to see the NY Post Headline for that story.

You have to give Mayor Buckhorn some love for trying to keep this crazy show from going "postal" proposed a "Clean/Event/Safe Zone". Yea, maybe it's a bit too much but the Mayor knows this is his one chance to make a lasting impact. Not just for our prized "riverwalk" but Tampa's national standing=Business.  The Mayor may have been the leading voice for Mr. Reddners most hated law, "The 6-ft rule" but times have changed.  They have gotten weirder, nuttier and down right dangerous.  Who would have ever thought that old white people would cheer the idea of killing an American President. Who ever would have thought college age "pot heads" could organize anything other than...wait there is NO WAY a "Pot Head" could ever organize.  These are strange days my friend.  We are fighting among ourselves while our future is passing us by.

Also, Newt has endorsed President Obama...maybe we can do this.

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